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Absolut/Svaveldioxid - Split - LP colour vinyl with 7" flexi - USA.


USA version - sold out within four hours - managed to get a few at retail cost, hence the price tag - would have cost you $45(£35) to gut one fron the USofA, got to be the most wanted release of 2017 - red/white vinyl with white 7" flexi limited to 100 copies only.
Toronto's Absolut is a powerhouse of Dbeat mayhem. This outfit plays a ripping and non-stop brand of hardcore punk with heavy distorted guitars, undeniably awesome solos, thunderous drum insanity and vicious vocals coated in reverb.
Svaveldioxid: relentless Dbeat käng in the classic Swedish tradition. Mix Anti-Cimex, Dischange, Bombanfall, No Security and Svart Parad and you get Svaveldioxid! Featuring members previously heard in bands like Warvictims, Disfear, Operation and 3-Way Cum.

A1 –Absolut (7) Mind Splatter
A2 –Absolut (7) Sadist Lust
A3 –Absolut (7) Heart Of Hatred
A4 –Absolut (7) No Single Tear
A5 –Absolut (7) Road To War
B1 –Svaveldioxid Status Ödelagd
B2 –Svaveldioxid P.T.S.D.
B3 –Svaveldioxid Krigets Brinnande Helvete
B4 –Svaveldioxid Slaget Om Psyket
B5 –Svaveldioxid Folkmord
Covers Of Sweden
A1 –Svaveldioxid Iskallt Regn (Bombanfall)
A2 –Svaveldioxid Religion Mördar (Agoni)
A3 –Absolut (7) Victims Of A Bombraid (Anti-Cimex)

Sold Out