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DEEP SIX 7" - Cold War/Voetsek/Callous/Landmine Marathon.

Image of DEEP SIX 7" - Cold War/Voetsek/Callous/Landmine Marathon.


Few gems from the vaults - storeroom find - original first pressings on these -
VOETSEK/COLD WAR - split 7" on colour vinyl - 2007.
THRASH-HARDCORE. San Francisco's VOETSEK should be known from their whole bunch of previous releases. They offer up 3 tracks of raging thrash-violence. Fans of SPAZZ to HIRAX will rock out to this slab. Bay-Area thrash as it's best. Germany's COLD WAR (don't mix them up with the US-band) feature members of MÖNSTER, SKRUPEL etc.. They play brutal hardcore in the same vein as their counterpart. You'll get 5 tracks and a cover of "cold war" by SIEGE. A shure winner!
LANDMINE MARATHON - split 7" on white vinyl - 2012.
DEATH-METAL/GRINDCORE. LANDMINE MARATHON follow up last year’s critically and fan acclaimed full-length, "gallows", with a 2 song 7". Both songs were recorded in the same sessions as "gallows" and will not be heard anywhere else. These songs will destroy you with their hearty mix of old-school death, grind and doom combined with a ferocious vocal onslaught.
COLD WAR - Bloody Nights - 7" EP - 2007.
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Another blistering release from Germany's COLD WAR. After their hitting split with VOETSEK they deserve this time 10 brutal, thrashy and power-violence influenced hardcore tracks with some nice hyper-fast and slower parts in the vein of classic Slap A Ham bands, like CROSSED OUT, NO COMMENT and early european classics like HERESY and RIPCORD.
CALLOUS - Fucking Useless - 7" - 2013.
POWER-VIOLENCE/SLUDGE-HARDCORE. A multi-daily supplement. A mix of EYEHATEGOD with some NEANDERTHAL being somewhat CORRUPTED and finishing off with a little OUTLAW ORDER and you got a perfect CALLOUS. Features members from BACKSLIDER. Limited edition of 300 copies.


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