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FÖRGIFTAD - Bränd Generation - 7" EP black vinyl.


Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl.
3rd recordings from these swedish raw punk warriors. This time you can remember for your old "gaming" times! Special layout aka old covers from these games ... and hey, don´t worry .. you will still get raw classic scandinavian hardcore like old good Totalitär / Herätys. Plus a little bit different limited edition this time - 500 pressed, 400 grey vinyls (regular) and 100 black vinyls (limited edition).
A1 Intro
A2 Giftet Viskar Mitt Namn
A3 Elitistkukar
A4 Bränd Generation
A5 Bekräftelsetorskar
B1 Knytnäve Med Fantomenring
B2 Säga Vagen
B3 Mannen Med Det Gyllene Häret*