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Raptus Di Follia - No Luck - 7" EP.


500x black Vinyl + Inlay.
Raptus di Follia from Bern stand for angry, aggressive hardcore / punk. The pieces are rather short, each with two or three minutes, but they have it in them. Oldschool meets modernity, tune on aggression, with so much power, since there are not many breathers. Sure, the wheel is not reinvented, but as long as it, also in the punk / hardcore scene, people are for racism, homophobia , sexism or blind zeal legitimate, everyday or just fun are need it the bands contrast stance with simple words and clear statements.
A1 Explode 2:13
A2 Insomnia 1:37
A3 Out of School 1:35
B1 Kiss 1:35
B2 No Luck 1:41
B3 Salvation