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BASTARD NOISE/LACK OF INTEREST - The Hoak Sessions - LP red vinyl.


Very limited red vinyl.
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE/NOISE/ELECTRONIC. This classic split release has been years in the conceptual making. Long time friends BASTARD NOISE and LACK OF INTEREST team for one of the most unforgettable split releases ever! The reminding members of BASTARD NOISE teamed up with the BRUTAL TRUTH/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION drumer to create their most sinister skull session to date. This split release is full of burning musical hooks, blazing drumming, soaked in nitroglycerin, sick electronics and the most powerful and convincing vocals ever. The split features 4 brand new songs from THE BASTARD NOISE and 9 new songs from LACK OF INTEREST.
Bastard Noise Denial Mastered
–Bastard Noise Rogue Blue Blood Spill
–Bastard Noise Putrid Hog Men
–Bastard Noise The Time Shifter
–Lack Of Interest Tables Turned
–Lack Of Interest Grown To Sicken
–Lack Of Interest Sweet Bitter Taste
–Lack Of Interest Fear None
–Lack Of Interest Losing Streak
–Lack Of Interest Hands Up
–Lack Of Interest Headtrip
–Lack Of Interest Resist And Conquer
–Lack Of Interest Chasing A Hearse
–Lack Of Interest All That's Lost In Your Life, I'll Help You Find
–Lack Of Interest Happy Faces
–Lack Of Interest Live To Fight


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