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CHINPIRA - Rebel Noise Hardcore Punk - blk & diehard coke bottle green vinyl LP.


Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies only & diehard swirl coke-bottle green vinyl ltd. to 150 copies.
Sapporo City Hardcore! Complete discography (1996-1998) collecting their 3 demotapes.. 18 songs! An adrenalinic aggression of traditional Japanese Hardcore fury delivered by local heroes of the SCxHC scene that also played in bands like F.U.P., SHOT GUN, WARSAW, BARRICADE, SLANG and more! If the '80's are considered by many as the best decade for Punk and Hardcore, it's a fact that Japan had an equally vital and intense movement in the '90s too, with an endless list of iconic bands and releases. And this is exactly what you'll notice on this Chinpira discography, there are no weak parts from start to finish, it's all there... caustic shouts alternated with gang vocals, blazing solos enhancing a solid guitar work at times leaning towards metallic territories and a pummelling rhitmyc section. If you're into bands like Nightmare, Death Side, Warhead, Crude and early Slang you'll find an hidden gem here! And to go hand in hand with the greatness of the audio contents, this LP is enriched by a stunning packaging consisting of 3 booklets!! One is the replica of a very limited mini-zine they used to send together with the 1st demo, the other two contain a crazy amount of photos, original art and interesting details. Special 5mm jacket with OBI strip.


  • Black vinyl - 100% in stock
  • Diehard swirl coke-bottle green vinyl ltd. to 150 copies. - 100% in stock