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Gas Rag ‎– Beats Off - 12" MLP.

Image of Gas Rag ‎– Beats Off - 12" MLP.


Gas Rag- Beats Off LP. Chicago's Gas Rag plays a mess of fuzzy, rocking d-beat and raging thrash punk. This is loaded with crashing cymbals, endless drum fills, squealing guitar chords drenched in feedback and fucking ugly vocals. This shit's rad, raw and thrashes hard. Everything this band has released rips so fucking hard especially this LP! Easily some of the gnarliest punk jams dropped in recent years.
A1 Drugs And Violence
A2 Annihilation
A3 The Clock
A4 Criminal Gas
A5 Body Bags
B1 Beat Off
B2 Endless Vietnam
B3 Against The Law
B4 Life In A Bomb Shelter
B5 Mass Grave
B6 It's A Gift.