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Very limited colour vinyl.
GRINDCORE/POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Boise's best blasters sound more like vintage HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH on this split. Soundwise more in the tradition of their earlier tracks like on their I ACCUSE split LP era. It's still fast power-violence influenced hardcore. They also throw in some sick, complex riffage. Viennas COLD WORLD's newer output is a bit more grind oriented like they've shown on their 7'' from a few years back as well as the EXTORTION. They bring an abrasive hardcore, thrash and power-violence attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like SIEGE, NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT and INFEST.
A1 –Cold World Divine Sense
A2 –Cold World House Of Man
A3 –Cold World A Fool's Life
A4 –Cold World Two Faces
A5 –Cold World Loyal Servant
A6 –Cold World Saddle The World
A7 –Cold World The Nihilistic Rant
A8 –Cold World Nine Out Of Ten
A9 –Cold World Event Horizon
B1 –Hummingbird Of Death Nothing's Happening
B2 –Hummingbird Of Death Space Fish
B3 –Hummingbird Of Death There's No Basketball Game Here
B4 –Hummingbird Of Death Goodbye Cool World
B5 –Hummingbird Of Death Here Today, Gone Later Today
B6 –Hummingbird Of Death Shocker
B7 –Hummingbird Of Death USA, Motherfuckers
B8 –Hummingbird Of Death Easy To Judge
B9 –Hummingbird Of Death Anal Linguist

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