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LEDGE/DISROTTED - split - LP colour vinyl.


Green, purple and aqua blue vinyl - limited to 500 copies only.
SLUDGE/DOOM-METAL. Chicago sludge legends DISROTTED return for another punishing, miserable round of noisey chaos, this time partnering up with fellow-Windy City masters of hatred LEDGE, who make their vinyl debut on this 20min. split. Both bands spew out 1 track of pure malice using very different approaches, making for an interesting and unique showcase of doom. Members of SICK/TIRED, KUNGFU RICK, WEEKEND NACHOS - For Fans of Sleep, Discharge, Disrupt, Grief, Soilent Green, Weekend Nachos, Spine.
1. Disrotted - Sickle Death
2. Ledge - Lost Soul