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NO EXCUSE:FIREBIRDGASS 光炎万丈 - Lightning Flames - CD Japan.

Image of NO EXCUSE:FIREBIRDGASS 光炎万丈 - Lightning Flames - CD Japan.


A two-band split CD that shows off in the underground scene is released!
Tokyo HARDCORE New Generation Band “NO EXCUSE” has dramatically increased its profile nationwide on the 1st album released last year and accompanying tours. The experience has now sublimed as a hardcore in a more versatile cut. Technology can not be a measure of hard core, but the music perfection backed by technology, height of expressive power will be the biggest weapon of NO EXCUSE. While making full use of that weapon, it is a music that has worked at the edge, showing its presence firmly.
And overcame many member changes and keep burning the fire without hesitation, Tokyo explosion PUNK ROCK, "FIREBIRDGASS". Yossy (ex AOW) came to the drum, and the initial member KENZI returned to the bass. The EP released in place of the greetings by the current members has also been well received, and the members themselves have also declared the strongest of the FIREBIRDGASS system in the past. This work is a sound with a touch that is reminiscent of punk dawn, cherish melodies while having a melodic feel, and is finished in a song that is filled with the best of the lavish taste of punk in Japanese.
The jacket is a work created by world-renowned hardcore illustrator SUGI.
1. Never Forget
2. Don't Fuck With Me
3. Living Words
4. Ikareta Yumeno Imitation World
5. Pride 6.
You Only Live Once