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Pistol Joke - Frustration Noise - 7" Flexi Japan.


Japan only flexi and USA only flexi, different covers, shape and colour.
Limited to 200 copies for sale in Japan only, different cover and flexi than the USA version, this being a round black flexi - cover by Michiaki (THE LAST SURVIVORS) - this was not for sale outside of Japan - long sold out from label.
Pistol joke is back with their debut release '"Frustration Noise" on mental crash records!!! 3 new fuzzed out Trax with enough velocity to cause severe brain damage. Get your copy today to enjoy the lowest noise punk Niigata Japan has to offer. What are you waiting for punk!?!?!


  • USA version, yellow square flexi - 80% in stock
  • Japan only version, black flexi, different cover. - 60% in stock