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Protes Bengt - Pick Your Bengt - 12" limited red vinyl.

Image of Protes Bengt - Pick Your Bengt - 12" limited red vinyl.


Pre-order, here soon - - USA version, different cover from Euro version - red vinyl limited to 100 copies only.
40 SONGS of total ultracore mangel insanity!! PROTES BENGT started in 1985 as a project between Åke and Chrille from Mob 47, and Per and Ola from Filthy Christians. This record contains a completely unreleased session: drums and Guitar recorded September - December 1985 in Bowlingstudion. Bass recorded March 2017 in Studio Mangel. Vocals recorded November 2017 in Bengts Studio. It obviously sounds like the perfect follow up to their cult "In bengt we trust" EP, so you know what to expect.. short and fast songs with the Mob 47 drumming formula speeded up and savage angry vocals! One of the rawest and fastest 80s Scandinavian Hardcore outfits ever. If you're into raw Swedish HC this is a total must!
A1 Folkpartist
A2 Trippelmoral
A3 Pissenisse
A4 Ja
A5 Slagen Av Lagen
A6 Pärla
A7 Klipp Av Min Navelsträng
A8 Datoriserad Värld
A9 Pigg Av En Cigg
A10 Skuldfri
A11 (A)socialfall
A12 Pocherat Ägg
A13 Sås I Håret
A14 Pungklåda
A15 Bäng I Huvet
A16 Lagar Och Paragrafer
A17 Armsvett
A18 Ståkuk
A19 Han La En Sats
A20 Game Over
B1 Ostbågar
B2 Lagrad Flänsost
B3 Spräng En Bäng
B4 Ägglossning
B5 Hinka På Vinden
B6 Slapp Fisring
B7 Badskum
B8 Falun Hardcore
B9 Värt Som ägg
B10 Släptask
B11 Snobb
B12 B
B13 Enad Värld
B14 Fri
B15 Sista Kriget
B16 Slut I Iuvan
B17 Tortyr
B18 Mangla Som Ägg
B19 Inga Nazister
B20 Sista Låten

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