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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Tell Us The Truth - 7" EP Japan.


Regular copy superb 3-fold (546mm X 364mm) poster sleeve /400 also band/show only sleeve /100 both copies contains download code & insert with lyrics in Japanese & English.
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Over the last 3 years Q&A have been working hard building a loyal following by organizing gigs and steadily releasing demos in there native Japan. 2017 marked the debut to the world of “Writings On The Wall” the 4 song EP. Made up of Skinheads, Punks and Herberts Q&A sound pulls from a wide variety of underground sounds. The band describes there Music as Hard Punk full of sorrow. They have taken there jaded nihilism that blends the Darker sounds coming From early 80’s No Future/Secret with 90’s Japan True Force to produce some hard hitting catchy anthems. This record is a must own for loyalist of the underground sound.
A1 Tell Us The Truth
A2 Questions And Answers
B1 Skinhead - town
B 2 Rights And Duties


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