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Sex Prisoner - Tannhäuser Gate - LP colour vinyl.


The power violence revival continues. Sex Prisoner Tucson, Arizona - Powerviolence/Hardcore unit, sound a lot like Crossed Out mixed with some Infest. The sound is heavy, brasive, and definitely rife with anger. They rarely venture into full-on thrash, which is a plus and offering sixteen furious bursts of burly powerviolence/hardcore.
A1 Final Judgement
A2 Shoulders Straight
A3 Ghost Hit
A4 Loaded Dice
A5 Creaking Door
A6 Underbite
A7 Story Time
A8 Nos Cadenas
B1 Lullaby
B2 Midnight
B3 Cauldron Of Hate
B4 Lamp Lighter Inn
B5 Church Key


  • Purple marbled - 100% in stock
  • Light pink marbled - 100% in stock