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Sick/Tired ‎– King Of Dirt - LP – USA.


Long deleted LP from the now defunct Cowabunga Records label - includes limited edition poster.
POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. Featuring a new vocalist on this 2nd full-length, Chicago's SICK/TIRED still play tight and well-executed fast grinding hardcore with '80s thrash and punk elements interwoven into the mix and features members of MK ULTRA and WEEKEND NACHOS.
A1 Black Veins
A2 Corrosive Outburst / Anointed
A3 Throwing Trash
A4 High Times Subscribers
A5 From Parts Unknown
A6 Trapped
A7 Blood Water
A8 Rabid Dogs
A9 Violent Downfall
A10 Failed Delusions
A11 The Goon
B1 Who Cares?
B2 Cracked Dome
B3 Gummo Grindin'
B4 King Of Dirt