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WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable - LP green vinyl.

Image of WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable - LP green vinyl.


Mail-order only on green vinyl.
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. On this 2nd full-length the band still has some of that unique mixture. "unforgivable" contains 12 tracks of fast, brutal, power-violence hardcore. They take the raw thrash of bands like INFEST and LACK OF INTEREST and throw in the doom and sludge of EYEHATEGOD to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. One of the year's best, hands down and if you like hate filled hardcore and constantly feel like taking out someone, your life is constantly weighed down by constant shit this full-length is for you no joke.
2009 1:01
Elevated Tracks 1:24
Unholy Victory 0:47
Pain Over Acceptance 1:53
A Few Blocks South 1:03
Balance Of Power 3:03
Nights 2:06
Rejected Psychopath 1:52
Shot In The Head 1:30
First To Burn 1:30
Reason To Die 2:43